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Know More About Your Helmet And The Process Of Selecting The Best One.


A helmet is a safety and protective gear worn to protect the head and brain and to prevent fatal injuries. It is not possible to prevent a sudden crash or an unforeseen event. Helmets help to reduce the impact of such crashes or accidents by softening the impact.

Therefore, people who ride bikes or motorcycles, people engaged in construction work, pilots flying aircraft, soldiers, traffic police officers, fire brigades, cricketers, and many more. Such people should wear helmets to prevent accidents that may take place during their work or profession. Different helmets are used for different purposes, like driving, welding, safety, etc. 

Importance of wearing a helmet

The helmet is a crucial safety accessory used to protect the head, skull and brain and prevent them from getting injured in accidents. Helmets are important not just for the riders but also for the passengers and co-workers in construction, army officers or soldiers, and many more.

The importance of a helmet is stated below:

  1. Reduces the chances of fatal injuries – roads, especially Indian roads, are full of pits, crowds of people and transports. And above all these some people follow their traffic rules. These have led to an increase in road accidents. 

Apart from these incidents, accidents are usual at construction sites, border areas, and professions like aviation, etc. Hence, people in these professions are advised to wear a helmet during work hours to prevent accidents at the site.

  1. Protects the eyes – people who ride bikes or are engaged in welding work are always concerned about protecting their eyes from getting affected by dirt particles or fire sparks. 

Hence, there are different types of helmets for them. These helmets are designed with a face shield attached to them so that the eyes get protection.

  1. Safety from cold breeze – while riding bikes, riders often get discomfort due to cold breeze and are often distracted. Hence, wearing a helmet allows riders to protect their eyes from the cold breeze and comfortably drive.
  1. Prevents from getting charged – as per the government rules and regulations, the riders must wear helmets while riding their bikes, and the passenger should also wear a helmet. People who do not follow these rules may get charged with severe fines. 
  1. Can make a style statement – helmets can make stylish driving accessories for riders. A helmet is not limited to just providing safety and comfort; it also provides users with a stylish look and appearance.

Know how to select the perfect helmet for your head.

A rider or a helmet user should always know how to choose a perfect helmet for themselves. The right helmet provides the user with the comfort that helps them ride easily with comfort while protecting them from any sudden accident. Choosing the wrong helmet may cause them inconvenience and discomfort and cause trouble while riding.

There are a few points that a user should keep in mind before buying a helmet for themselves; these are as follow:

  1. Know your helmet or head size – every individual has a different body shape and size. Users should be aware of their head or helmet size, so that buying a perfect helmet for themselves becomes easy.
  1. Select a good visor – a helmet with a good visor helps the user have clear vision while driving the bike. A driver should always stay concerned about having a good visor as a dark visor may lead to fatal road accidents.
  1. A helmet should have an ISI mark – ISI stands for Indian Standard Institute. A user should check the helmet’s ISI mark to ensure it has passed the standard tests. Helmets with an ISI mark on them might be expensive, but it provides the surety of being formed as the standard set by the government.
  1. Cushioning – the primary and foremost important feature of a good helmet is to provide good protection to the user’s head in case of a sudden accidental situation. The inner cushiony layer protects the head or the skull from severe injury. So a user should ensure that the helmet has a strong cushioning layer.


Helmets are a life saviour accessory and should be used/worn strictly by the riders and the co-passengers compulsorily. Hence, strict rules are made by the government, and charges and fines are attached to ensure that the public follows them. 

There are several different types of helmet available in the market. Apart from it, several types of other protective accessories are available for bikers, welders, safety insurers and many others, like face shields, safety goggles, safety helmets, welding helmets and many more. In case you are someone who is in search of any such product, visit the Windsor Helmets site. I.e.,  

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