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Protective Glasses Face Shield / Bubble Face Shield Near Me

The new, most protective glasses face shield is Dr. Morepen bubble Face Shield. With its complete coverage of Crystal Clear HD Glass, this has been intended to be worn easily with spectacles for the greatest comfort while guaranteeing safety. It is composed of robust, impact-resistant Polycarbonate, making it difficult to break or tamper with.

It comes with a removable nose pad that can be adjusted to fit various facial shapes. It’s perfect for wearing glasses and a mask since it has a soft nose pad that prevents air from escaping through the top of the mask and hitting the lenses of your Safety goggles.


PERFECT SAFETY AND COMFORT: The Face Shield was created to provide an Anti-Fog experience while being lightweight for all-day safety and comfort. It may be used over spectacles with nose pads to effectively block the appearance of fog.

ERGONOMIC CONCEPT: The Protective Glasses Face Shield has a removable nose pad that can be adjusted to fit a variety of facial shapes. HD glass works well with glasses and masks.

RESISTANT TO BREAKAGE: The shield’s Polycarbonate composition makes it a robust and long-lasting piece of armor. It is very impact-resistant and prevents scratches on the glass, allowing you crystal-clear vision .

THE FOLLOWING EXTENSIONS ARE INCLUDED: The package includes four alternative nose pad extensions to accommodate various face shapes and sizes. It is meant to be worn comfortably by men, women, and children over the age of nine full face shield.

RE-USABLE: It may be disinfected with a gentle cloth or washed under running water with hand wash solutions after each use.

QUALITY & TRUST: Dr. Morepen assures the finest quality formulation by conducting thorough tests and testing. We offer over 20 years of trust and confidence to provide you with the finest of nature supported by science branded helmets.


  • Only use a delicate cloth to clean the lens.
  • Cleaning the lenses with any form of cleaning agent or solvent is not recommended.
  • Certain solvents have the potential to reduce the impact resistance of all eyewear.


  • This eyewear is impact-resistant but not indestructible.
  • Scratched or damaged lenses will obstruct vision and will need to be replaced.
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