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Why Choose Open Face Helmet For Your Ride?

open-face helmets

Every rider has their own preferences for helmets; however open-face helmets are favoured by many scooterists and commuters that suit them perfectly, contrary to other helmet types in the market. 

There are plenty of options available with regard to open-face helmets whose full shed offers excellent protection from dust particles and other elements. In this blog, we are going to describe some greater features that entice you to buy this cool product and make the decision effortless and straightforward. 


Open-face helmets are the perfect option for your daily scooter ride that looks cool and lightweight. Maybe you are a rider or motorcyclist who likes to enjoy the breezing air that touches your face and feel freshness and happiness while keeping in mind the protection then open face helmet will allow you to experience this without any hindrance. Plus, nowadays, these helmets come with futuristic features like removable peaks that transform the helmet’s look, thus giving a change in your appearance. 


Open-face helmets are lighter than full-face helmets and have more visibility with super safety covering the head region. They are kind of equivalent to full-face helmets but exclude the lower facial area part. As lightweight, it makes it very easy to wear for a long time due to the material used in construction, accurate size and visor quality having admirable strength and durability. 

A1 Material 

Usually, outer shell of a helmet is made of two materials, fibreglass and polycarbonate. The open-face fibreglass shell is more firm offering good shielding and defence; therefore, there are chances that if you want to purchase it, its prices could be a little bit high. Fibreglass is a combination of fibres and polymer matrix that lead to strength and is lighter than polycarbonate.


The visor is part of almost all helmets; it can be attached to the helmet or removable. You can have it in front of your face while exposed to rain or keep the intense wind away. Moreover, some visors come with an anti-fog system for a clear view in all seasons. In addition, you can avoid wearing sunglasses if they include an internal sun visor that can be easily flipped on and off. (helmet shop online)


Open-face helmets also come with removable and washable linings, especially required if there is no ventilation in the helmet, they can easily be cleaned, although there are products exist to clean the helmet lining without removing it. You can check the comfort level and softness of the lining while purchasing it and ensure that it will be perfect and convenient for your long and short journeys. best helmets in india


Hope this blog has given you enough reasons to choose an open-face helmet for you. However, while choosing any helmet or riding accessories, all pros and cons must be noticed, but if you are not sure then go and bye one open-face helmet for you as it is one of the best helmets, you can visit our site to purchase, we have extensive variety in the open-face that comes with 100% high quality and outstanding reviews. (windsor helmet)

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