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Why is Windsor the top helmet brand in India?

Top Helmets Brand in India

Windsor, the top helmets brand in India, has left behind all competitive forces in terms of quality products offered and the level of customer retention and loyalty obtained significantly by simply offering our safety products on online portals. Buying helmets online in India may not be preferred by some as they would be entangled within their thoughts concerning the quality of material offered within the best price range without any fraudulent practices involved. But our platform has cleared all people’s misconceptions about offering the same quality products as mentioned on the site with the safest payment transaction mode.

Does this helmet’s inner padding are removable and washable?

Yes, the helmets offered by us have smooth and removable padding, which can be washed when the need arises. Once removed and washed, Padding can be placed back into the helmet with accuracy. The motorcycle helmets give a cushion to the head, which would prevent the face and upper region from preventing severe accidents with the least injury. Inner linings are removable to be washed.

Serving as a top helmets brand in India is not easy enough. It faces competition in the industry and is under constant pressure to bring innovations within its products in the emerging dynamic world, accept customers’ feedback with much confidence and positivity, and bring improvements accordingly. 

In this helmet, do we have a protective shield? 

The helmets offered by us, be it full-faced or half-faced all these helmets are inculcated and built with the material that fights against ultraviolet rays, which could probably cause much damage to the exposed skin, that’s why helmet not only acts as a shield against injuries but also against the ultraviolet rays. 

Excess to ultraviolet rays is quite harmful and risky, so people strive for those products that remain uv free with almost zero harmful effects and considerations. 

Can the helmets be returned and replaced?

Yes, the helmet is replaceable if it gets distorted in the way of delivery from our side and even comes with a flexible option to return the same and get their money back if they don’t wish to buy any other safety product in replace of it.

Does it fit in Activa 3G storage?

 The helmets manufactured and supplied by us are made in different sizes and shapes, fulfilling the varying preferences of the audience concerned. And even the helmets manufactured by us aren’t of such huge sizes that it becomes difficult to carry and store. Due to perfect size and shape, these helmets can easily fit in any space, covering less coverage region.

Moreover, suppose the customer wishes to get a larger size in terms of helmets. In that case, they can contact us or leave a message with a special order to manufacture such a product that would be considered as early as possible. All the requirements would be fulfilled within less time and maximum effort and accuracy.

 Do our helmets have an ISI mark?

All the safety products produced and delivered by us are certified and safe to use. The safety standards so laid down by the standard authority, ISI(Indian Standard Institution), which is established to bring orderly growth within an industry and maintain the consistency in terms of efficiency offered through products, are all followed at the time of manufacturing and thus are marked safe by the supreme authority in terms of protection, efficiency, resistibility and sustenance.

Do these helmets fit women? 

The motorcycle helmets offered on our online platform cater to the needs of men only and women as well. As the economy grows, women are gaining much more prominence as they have excelled in every field, so women are not left behind in different sizes. Shape helmets are made available with a good and soft cushion that ultimately acts as their safety guard in case of accidents if any. As the top helmet brand in India, we leave no consumer segment untouched, as we aim at providing safety products to save millions of valuable lives.

Wrapping up- 

As the top helmet brand in India, we regale every customer’s needs and requirements and develop perfectly furnished protective guards.

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