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Why Windsor is the Best Helmet Brand in India for Motorcyclists & Bike Lovers

best helmet brands

While riding on any road, the soothing feel of the cool air indeed gives you a memorable ride experience. But at the same time, we must keep safety at the back of our minds because our loved ones were looking forward to seeing us at the end of the day and stressed about our safety. But you do not have to worry, as you can get the best helmet brands firsthand. You can use helmets from Windsor because precaution is always better than cure.

Reasons you should consider choosing Windsor as the best helmet brand in India.

Windsor has been one of Paras industries’ most crucial parts and was established in 1996. It is one of the best helmet brands. It offers varied sizes and customized helmets at your convenience. The company has been offering full-face helmet caps with visors and open face helmets besides safety helmets. Some of the key features of these helmets that make this brand out of the box


The company designed these helmets by focusing on the convenience of the customers. The helmets are utterly light in weight, keeping away all types of pain in the neck, shoulder, and head after prolonged use.

Inner paddings

The padding present inside the helmet is a perfect shock absorber. These paddings are placed well in the helmet, making them completely comfortable. In addition, the pads can be easily removed if you want to wash them.

Great products

All the products which are used in the production of the helmet are certified. It means that they have been marked as safe products. The products are kept safe only once they clear all the tests. The helmets are perfect for two Wheelers, and ISI approved the same. So you can choose them undoubtedly as they are safe and are the best bet for clients.

Best quality

The company only uses the best quality material to manufacture all the helmets, assuring safety for all the users. The material they use indeed offers you protection. Furthermore, the silent strap in the helmet locks and gives an unobstructed vision to the user.

Good helmet design

 The company has been manufacturing helmets for several years as per the taste of its customers. Therefore, all the designs have been perfect, explaining the customer’s individuality.


So, whenever you are looking for the best helmet brand, you must ensure that it has an ISI mark. It is an essential mark because it signifies that the helmet has been made per the country’s requirements. The Bureau of Indian standards gives this mark, which means it is made in India and is safe to use. You should avoid any helmet if it does not have this mark.

At the same time, you must look for a helmet that fits you well to drive comfortably. The coverage area of your helmet must be your focus. Full-face helmets protect you and cover your face, while an open-face helmet only protects your head instead of the face.

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