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Why Windsor is the best helmet brand in India

best helmet brand in India

When riding on a country road, the soothing feel of fresh air on your face gives the best ride experience. Why should we keep our safety in mind? By keeping our loved ones waiting for us and worrying about our safety. You can use helmets from the best helmet brand in India.

“Precaution is better than cure” we all learned this in our school. So, let’s implement it in our life by wearing the best helmet to protect us from any possible damage.

So let’s find the best helmet brand in India.

How to find the best helmet for you or your loved ones.

  1. It must have an ISI mark, which signifies it’s made per Indian norms and requirements. This mark is given by the Bureau of Indian Standards, which means it’s made in India and is safe to use. Avoid purchasing the ones without an ISI mark.
  2. Choose the one which fits you perfectly in terms of size and comfort.
  3. The coverage area of the helmet should be the primary concern. A full-face helmet protects and covers your face and head, whereas an open-face helmet only protects your head, not your face, and a proper strap lock.
  4. Your helmet must have proper ventilators for proper breathing and a decent visor with a clear vision.
  5. It should be appropriately padded inside the helmet. 

On an additional note, going for one of the branded helmets would be a better choice keeping their loyal followers, quality, and price in mind before purchasing one.

Considering all the above points, we can confidently say Windsor is the best helmets brands in India.

Why Windsor?

Windsor has been a part of Paras industries, established in 1996, a well-known group for manufacturing helmets and safety accessories in India.

It’s considered one of the best helmet brands in India, supplying various sizes and customised helmets at their customers’ convenience.

They have been supplying full-face helmets, open-face helmets, Cap with visors, and Mini caps.  

Here are certain main features that place Windsor helmets as one of the best. (open helmet)

Lightweight- Windsor designed these helmets, keeping their customers convenience in mind. They are light in weight, preventing one from getting neck cramps, shoulder pain, and head pain after prolonged use. 

Inner paddings- The paddings inside the helmets function as the perfect shock absorber. These paddings are well placed within the helmet, making them comfortable. These pads can be easily removed for washing.

Certified Products-  All of their products are ISI certified, which means they have marked them as safe products through some tests. Their helmets for two-wheelers have been approved by IS: 4151. We are making them a safe and best choice for the customers.

Best quality- They use high-quality material to manufacture these helmets, assuring the safety of the users. The material they use also provides UV protection. In addition, the silent strap locks and a nice visor with clear vision. 

Helmet design- They have been manufacturing helmets per their customers’ tastes. Every design has been made, perfectly explaining the customer’s individuality.

From all the discussions, we can conclude that wearing a helmet not only keeps your brain safe from any severe damage but also add a new look to your personality. Especially opting for the branded helmets because they keep your safety and quality within your affordable range. 

So, if you are looking for the best helmet brand in India, then you can definitely for the ‘Windsors’.

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